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Monocure 3D

Monocure Pty Ltd was established in 1979. Initially Monocure produced inks based on a unique UV curable water based resin system. This Ink production led to custom formulated products for the graphic arts industry such as label & sheet fed varnishes. Our research team keeps up to date with world trends and brings new developments to your door. Our latest accomplishment is our new world class SLA & DLP 3D Resin!

Stereolithography (SLA) Printing has the ability to produce parts in high detail with excellent surface finishes. SLA Systems convert liquid plastic materials (photosensitive epoxy polymers) and composites into solid cross-sections, layer by layer, to build highly accurate three-dimensional parts of different geometries at the same timeIt was a natural progression for us to go into this area and we are very excited about the future.

Our cured resin has amazing characteristics, such as smoothness, high tensile strength and its non-yellowing properties. We believe that it is the best in the world! Our prices are very competitive as most of the raw materials needed to make the 3D resins are purchased in bulk. We are at the forefront of UV technology in Australia; our team of five research chemists and versatile production facilities enable us to assist you if needed. Please call the number below for phone support during office hours or email us anytime and we will get back to you quickly.

We manufacture our own base resins. That means pricing is competitive and resin selection is versatile. We pride ourselves on producing many unique products and in some cases have confidentiality agreements with customers so the product created is solely for their use.

Some advantages of SLA & DLP 3D printing:
Resin cures extra tough and has a smooth surface finish
Wide range of materials & colours
Extreme fine detail capability (up to .025mm per layer, ideal for micro parts)
transparent characteristics & high heat resistance
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Charlie Anderson

Who is Charlie Anderson? In a previous life, Charlie worked in the TV industry in Australia and abroad for over 20 years. He started working at Monocure 5 years ago, when his father, Alan, asked him to join the family industrial chemical business. A far cry from the TV directors chair, but he was ready for a new challenge!

Charlies interest in 3D printing started by accident when he got an enquiry about a UV(Ultra Violet) curing resin for a new type of desktop 3D printer. He worked with Monocure’s Research and Development team to create Australias first UV curable 3D printer resin! Monocure 3D was born. Charlie got busy building an e-commerce website and creating interest in the new resin by using social media as a direct line to his customers. As the word spread and desktop 3D resin printers became more mainstream, Monocure 3D started to ramp up!

While working with his dedicated team, Charlie has been adding complementary products to the range and expanding into other areas of the 3D printing market. His involvement and interest in the 3D printing industry are robust, as he continues to help and support his customers. Charlie believes that the 3D printing industry is still in its infancy. Through support like beginners guides, white papers, articles, newsletters, school holiday courses and his new Youtube channel, ProTips, Charlie knows the importance of education. “If we can teach people how to use this technology today, the amount of industries that can benefit in the future is nearly limitless!” says Charlie.

Monocure 3D now enjoys a strong customer base locally and overseas with over 50 resellers worldwide. “The Australian market is growing as we Aussies love new technology! I know that every school, university & business will adopt 3D printing. Most households will have at least one 3D printer in the not too distant future!” comments Charlie.

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John Grouse
Lab Technician

John’s background is in development of both software and hardware within the computer & machining industry. In a previous life, John was an IT support manager for a major software development company for over 25 years, he has run his own business designing and building camera stabilisation systems using his own CNC router, laser cutter and 3D printers (Grouse House Technologies). More recently, he has been using resin based 3D printers in conjunction with FDM printers to assist him with his projects. He has a considerable understanding of the technologies which go into all 3D printers.
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