What was the mission? 

At Monocure 3D, we love a challenge! Our goal was simple, to develop the Ultimate Resin for all 3D printed dental models. It needed to be locally manufactured & supplied, affordable, low rate of failure and produce perfectly dimensionally accurate dental models.

How did we develop PORCELENE™? 

Our search began with the dental labs; we reached out to the biggest and the best. It was no surprise that they were all enthusiastic and keen to help us! Our 3D Printlab tested an extensive range of competitors’ products to determine why these were considered market leaders. We wanted to discover the most important properties to the lab technicians and dentists who needed the models and the people operating the 3D printers. So, our journey began, and no stone was left unturned. We needed the colour, viscosity, texture, odour, hardness, rigidness, accuracy, heat resistance, no warping or shrinking, opaqueness, surface finish, compatibility, speed, durability, compatibility, and ease of cleaning to get right. The list of demands was high, but our chemists took on the challenge and started the development process. With each new resin sample being sent to our selected Dental Lab technicians and dentists for field testing. Like any new product development, failures are part of the process. The feedback we received from each sample tested was invaluable. Combined with our chemist’s experience, analytical skills and systematic approach, PORCELENE™ Resin was born. 

What makes PORCELENE™ so unique? 

Designed to work in all open system DLP & MSLA 3D printers, PORCELENE™ dental model resin allows for high precision accuracy, dimensional stability, an opaque matte finish with a gypsum-like texture for all 3D printed dental model processing. The delicate balance between toughness, hardness and flexibility optimises it for all processes, including vacuum forming aligners. 

How important is quality control? 

Our quality control procedures follow the ISO 9001 guidelines to ensure batch to batch consistency in every bottle. We call this the set and forget methodology, meaning you only have to dial this Resin in once, then it’s as simple as pour and print, giving you more time focusing on what’s important. The unique low viscosity formula means lower print failures in colder weather, allowing consistent results all year round. 

Which PORCELENE™ formula is best for my printer? 

This new Resin is available in 2 formulas. Would you mind checking out our handy printer guide to help you decide on the formula best suited to your printer? If your printer uses a projector module (DLP) to create the layers, you need to choose the S formula. If you have a 3D printer that uses an LCD screen and a LED array (MSLA) to create the layers, you will select the R version. 

What are the Dentists saying about PORCELENE™?

“I was looking for a local Resin supplier for my 3D printer and found Charlie at Monocure 3D. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they make an Australian developed and manufactured Dental Model Resin that is very price competitive. The support they provided was amazing; they got my printer up and running on their Resin in no time!” 

Dr. Isidoro Ferlito

Orchard Dental