Download Chris's STL files below

Thanks for downloading my STLs, I hope you can gain knowledge and experience printing them. If you haven’t tried the new Monocure Filament yet, I highly recommend you do! I was one of the testers and I was very impressed with the quality and ease of print of the whole range. The PETG was the best I have tried, no odour, good bed adhesion and super tough. I loved the unique colour and finish of the silk filaments. My favourite would have to be the Matte Black as a go-to everyday filament, the surface finish is incredible. If you are after something unique, check out the Metal like and the colour changing PLA. I have been very busy printing personalised beer coolers for my mates! If you need anything 3D designed or printed,

remember to follow the link to The 3D Print Lab on the Monocure 3D site.