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Are you a dentist? We are offering free 500ml samples of our Australian Made Dental Porcelene Resin to anyone who would like to try before they buy. Schedule a meeting below so we can call you back to offer printing guidance and arrange a free sample.

High accuracy
No shrinking or warping formulation. Fast layer curing means jobs done quicker.

Hard surface
80+ Shore D after post-curing, the non-flex formula is perfect for accurate clear aligner models.

Easy on the eyes
High opaqueness, with gypsum-like texture and a matte surface finish is less stressful.

Multi-compatible formulas
Choose the formula that is best suited to work with your DLP/MSLA 3D printer. Find your printer settings here.

Which Porcelene™ Formula for my Printer?

This new Resin is available in two formulas:
S formula if your printer uses a projector module (DLP) to create the layers.
R formula if you have a 3D printer that uses an LCD screen and a LED array (MSLA) to create the layers.

Which Porcelene™ Formula for my printer?

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