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What Size for my 3D Printer?

Don’t see your printer listed?

Our sizes may fit a model that is not listed, just measure your bed to see what fits. Do not refer to the build volume!
Our Wham Bam Flexi Build Plates are made from high-quality spring steel that won’t kink or warp when you flex them, they just return back to shape! The Spring Steel has been formulated with a Chromium Alloy creating rust-proof steel for long life.
Our magnets and films have all been formulated to resist over 150°C so you can heat your bed to high temps for specialty filaments and not worry about a loss of performance.
 We have developed the Wham Bam PEX Build Surface from a specially formulated polymer with a higher melt point than even PEI to attract most any filament without damaging the sheet. Prints easily pop off once cooled and flexed.

Flexible Build System In Action

How To Install your FBS

What Is The Wham Bam Flexible Build System?

Are you having a difficult time getting your 3D print to stick to your printer bed? Does your print peel up during a long print and destroy your work? Are you tired of temporary fixes such as glue sticks, hair spray, and painter’s tape? Once you get your print to stick, do you have to pry, chisel, cut the perimeter, or put your bed in the freezer, just to get your print off the surface without gouging the surface or cutting yourself?
Wham Bam has created the specially formulated Wham Bam PEX Polymer Build Surface which surpasses PEI in temperature resistance, performance, and material ‘stickability”.  It sticks so well you would have a heck of a time getting the print off the bed without our Wham Bam Flexi Build Plate. Simply remove the Wham Bam Flexi Build Plate from the Wham Bam Flexi Magnetic Base on your 3D printer when the print is finished and flex slightly to pop your print right off! See our demo video below.