3D PRO - BIGVAT™ Grey (1.25ltrs)

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The ultimate resin for printing large scale models. If you have a large format printer and want to get the best prints possible, then our New BIGVAT™ resin is the answer.

M3D purpose developed BIGVAT™ resin has the following properties;

  • Low in viscosity, to ensure the highest details
  • Enhanced build plate adhesion properties
  • No pigment settling or separation during long prints
  • Rapid cure formula for faster prints
  • Tuff base for enhanced tensile strength
  • Can be printed between 10 – 100 micron layer heights
  • Low reaction heat for enhanced LCD longevity


Available in 1.25ltr Aluminium Bottles or 5ltr Black Jerries to ensure you never run out!

Weight 1.5 kg

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