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Our RAPID Model Resin range is designed for all MSLA type 3D printers such as the Anycubic, Phrozen, Elegoo, Prusa, etc. Where the LED power output is less than 100w. If your printer is over 100 watts then our Standard resin might be better suited? You can check your printer compatibility with our Resin Compatibility form.

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    Our Rapid Model Resin range was originally developed around MSLA printers that used lower powered LED arrays to cure the resin. The unique, epoxy-based system creates models that process a hard surface finish without the brittleness you would expect. This resin is easy to use; give the bottle a quick shake then, pour and print! The typical normal layer durations for a colour-based MSLA printer are 5-6 seconds per layer or 3 seconds in a printer with a monochrome LCD. Rapid Resin only requires a short post-curing required to remove tackiness after cleaning. Please check our printer settings (link) page for all the information to help you dial in your printer with our resin.

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    All Monocure 3D resins have a very wide range of reactivity, UV wavelengths of 225nm to wavelengths of 420nm. By incorporating a blend of photo-initiators, monomers & sensitizers, almost any UV light source can be used to initiate the polymerisation process of our resins.

    Our resins have been tested with a ‘Shore D Hardness Durometer’ and have a rating of 75. (For example, a hard hat has a rating of 80)

    The Viscosity of our resin is 500 – 600cps @ 25°C (Brookfield RVT).

    All our resins have a low odour, have zero VOC emissions and display very low shrinkage properties <0.5%>

    Please store Monocure 3D resin in a dark, cool place out of direct sunlight.


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