MTN Pro Spray Paint – Stainless Steel Paint (400 ml)


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    MTN PRO Stainless Steel Paint is an antioxidant spray coating formulated with synthetic nitro resin and metallic stainless steel pigments.

    -Chromium 17%.
    -Nickel 13%.
    -Molybdenum 2.25
    -Iron 67.75

    This product serves as a protective finish for coarse stainless steel surfaces. It adheres well to all metals and most plastic materials and is highly resistant against aggressive substance, diluted acids and low concentration gases.
    It provides a metallic shine and an elastic coating to the surface that is resistant to impact and scratches. It is also resistant to extreme temperatures and can be varnished 60 minutes after application.

    Very useful for coating:

    -Structural steel
    -Industrial vehicles
    -Metal fences
    -Welded joints
    -Metal storage tanks
    -Farming facilities
    -Coastal installations and generally all stainless steel construction

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