Porcelene Dental Model Resin (S) Almond – 250 ml Sample

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    Meet Porcelene™, Monocure3D’s latest and newest dental formula. Our search began with the biggest and best dental labs. We wanted to discover the most important properties to the lab technicians and dentists who needed the models and the people operating the 3D printers. We needed the colour, viscosity, texture, odour, hardness, rigidness, accuracy, heat resistance, no warping or shrinking, opaqueness, surface finish, compatibility, speed, durability, and ease of cleaning to get right. With each new resin sample being sent to our selected Dental Lab technicians and dentists for field testing, the feedback we received from each sample tested was invaluable. Combined with our chemist’s experience, analytical skills and systematic approach, PORCELENE™ Resin was born.

    Designed to work in all open system DLP & MSLA 3D printers, PORCELENE™ dental model resin allows for high precision accuracy, dimensional stability, an opaque matte finish with a gypsum-like texture for all 3D printed dental model processing. The delicate balance between toughness, hardness and flexibility optimises it for all processes including diagnostic, implant & orthodontic models, crown & bridge prototypes. Its low flex properties also make it suitable for vacuum forming aligner models. NB. Monocure 3D Dental model resin is not approved for intraoral use.

    Our quality control procedures follow the ISO 9001 guidelines to ensure batch to batch consistency in every bottle. We call this the set and forget methodology, meaning you only have to dial this Resin in once, then it’s as simple as pour and print, giving you more time focusing on what’s important. The unique low viscosity formula means lower print failures in colder weather, allowing consistent results all year round.

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