RAPID COLOUR PACK 1L- Red, Green & Blue (3 Ltrs)

$181.50 Inc. GST

Need some Colour in your life? Monocure RAPID Colour Pack is more affordable way to buy Red, Geen & Blue.

Our RAPID product range is designed for low powered LED DLP type 3D printers such as the Wanhao Duplicator 7. Need a bit more colour in your life? Monocure RAPID Colour Pack is a more affordable way to buy Red, Green & Blue. Packed in 3 X 1Ltr UV safe bottles.

Additional Information

Weight3.8 kg

1 X 1ltr RAPID Red
1 X 1ltr RAPID Green
1 X 1ltr RAPID Blue

All Monocure 3D resins have a very wide range of reactivity, UV wavelengths of 225nm to wavelengths of 420nm. By incorporating a blend of photo-initiators, monomers & sensitizers, almost any UV light source can be used to initiate the polymerisation process of our resins.

Our resins have been tested with a ‘Shore D Hardness Durometer’ and have a rating of 70. (A hard hat has a rating of 80)

The Viscosity of our resin is 500 – 600cps @ 25°C (Brookfield RVT).

All our resins have a low odour, have zero VOC emissions and display very low shrinkage properties <0.5%>

Please store Monocure 3D resin in a dark, cool place out of direct sunlight.

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