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What we are Saying…TENSILE resin was formulated thanks to a groundbreaking discovery that lead to extreme tensile strength, incredible detail and dimensionally accurate models. All easily achievable using common desktop resin printers without dealing with those annoying failures.

What our Chemists are Saying…We have been working hard to create the “World’s Strongest 3D Printing Resin”. Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking. There are many benefits to high-tensile strength 3D printing resins, as it results in parts that can withstand greater mechanical stress without deformation or breakage, thus enhancing their printability, durability and performance.

What our Customers are saying…

📢 “Overall the TENSILE resin is the best resin we have ever used.”

📢 “A 10/10 product that we will be purchasing again.”

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Additional information
Weight 0.1 kg

1Ltr, 5Ltr

ASTM D638-14Post-Cured (1hr)Green (0mins)
Cross-Sectional Area (mm2)25.2125.34
Max Load (kN)2.31.7
Elongation at Break (%)2.51.6
Young’s Modulus (GPa)1.41
Flexural Bend Span (mm)8991
Max Load Applied (N)130140
Flexural Stress (MPa)125131
Max Flex Strain (mm/mm)0.050.05
Shore Hardness (D)9291
Heat Deflection Temp (°C)64°C @ 0.45MPa----

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Our team is focused on developing easy-to-use, high-quality, affordable 3D printing resins. Rather than purchasing ready-made materials and simply blending them, all our products are developed from the ground up. We know that 3D printing hobbyists, designers & engineers are searching for different material properties for many applications. Formulating our resins from scratch allows us to create unique products that can be customised to create products to suit most requirements.  By backing our campaign, you’ll gain early access to this development-breakthrough material and play a role in shaping the future of 3D printer material technology.

TENSILE™ Resin Properties

The Chemists at Monocure 3D have been working to create the “World’s Strongest 3D Printing Resin”. Tensile strength refers to the maximum stress a material can withstand while being stretched or pulled before failing or breaking. There are many benefits to high-tensile strength 3D printing resins, as it results in parts that can withstand greater mechanical stress without deformation or breakage, thus enhancing their printability, durability and performance.

Technical Data Sheet

Independent Testing

Monocure 3D TENSILE resin is a unique blend of advanced urethanes & Epoxies. It was specifically developed to produce a 3D-printed model with high tensile strength and long-life durability. These properties provide the right balance of fine detail, strength, flexibility and a hard surface finish.

We recommend using TENSILE™ resin if you intend to 3D print models that you want to remain rigid and hard yet withstand stress and strain without being brittle. Once post-cured, it can be machined, painted or polished for further finishing.

TENSILE™ has a low-odour formula for confined spaces such as home offices, garages and family living spaces.

Post Cured Vs Green Strength

TENSILE™ resin is engineered to enhance your 3D  printing capabilities thanks to its remarkable green strength during printing. This material offers significant advantages in terms of dimensional accuracy and print success rate. The exceptional green strength of this resin allows for printing intricate parts with high precision, now making it possible to print those difficult designs by taking advantage of the capabilities of this resin.

Suitable for a variety of Industries

TENSILE™ can be your go-to resin for various applications, from intricate miniature models and prototypes to functional parts and assemblies. With help from its exceptional green strength, your prints maintain dimensional stability & structural integrity as they can withstand the stresses and strains caused by the bottom-up printing process. The finished parts promise to be highly accurate, extremely strong, long-lasting and consistent.

Perfect 3D Printed Models

The properties of resins and 3D-printed parts are the optimal way to determine their suitability for specific applications.  You must carefully consider factors such as stress, temperature, and chemical exposure to select the appropriate resin that meets the required performance criteria.


We put TENSILE™ to the test by sponsoring the Strongest Human Competition in Broke, New South Wales, Australia. The TENSILE™ link was printed on a standard desktop MSLA printer using a 50-micron layer height. The model was post-cured using a conventional 50 Watt 405nm post-cure-Unit. In the video below, Rob pulls a 5-Tonne Semi-Trailer with our TENSILE™ resin taking the strain!

Impressively (but not surprisingly), the TENSILE™ link stood up to multiple “truck-pulls” without failure. The slightly bruised model is proudly displayed at our headquarters in Sydney, Australia.

Disclaimer: While we have tested the strength and capabilities of this specific link style and type, including lifting a 912kg concrete block using a forklift in a controlled environment, it is important to note that this demonstration was conducted by professionals under strict safety measures. We strongly advise against attempting similar activities or using this product in ways that may harm yourself or others. Always prioritise personal safety and follow appropriate guidelines and regulations when working with materials or engaging in potentially dangerous activities.

Our Testers on TENSILE™

We asked our field testers to share their TENSILE™ printing experiences with us. They were selected as a good cross-section of applications. You can hear about their experience with TENSILE™ by watching their testimonial videos below.

Titan Ross - Titanic Toys

Titan Ross, formerly a collectible toy dealer in Australia, transitioned into the world of 3D printing. Motivated to create and personalise unique toys that couldn’t be found elsewhere, Titan now designs 3D prints and paints his creations with passion and expertise.

Chris Bannerman - CC3D Print Service

As a 3D printing expert with several years of experience, Chris transformed his hobby into a thriving business. His 3D print service caters to the needs of local businesses, the Cos-Play community and hobbyists by providing professionally 3D printed and finished models from his purpose-built workshop.

Joseph Aiello - Storied Design

As a qualified architect and the founding director of Storied Design, Joseph was able to combine his IT background with a passion for design. He uses virtual reality and 3D printing technologies to guide clients through their designs and the construction process, transforming their visions into reality.

Printer Compatibility

TENSILE™ resin was developed to have compatibility with a diverse array of SLA, MSLA, and DLP 3D resin printers. Designed with attention to composition, this resin is purpose-built to ensure exceptional performance and consistent outcomes across various printer models. Visit our website to access our 3D Printer Settings page, where we are working on extensive printer profiles that will help you fine-tune TENSILE™ resin for optimal results on your specific printer. (Please be patient as there are a few to get through)

TENSILE™ has been developed & tested using a number of MSLA & DLP 3D printers from the following brands: Anycubic, Creality, Elegoo, Prusa, Phrozen, Peopoly & Epax. Other similar printers include Flashforge, Nova 3D, Uniz, Uniformation, Kelant, Voxelab, Wanhao, Qiditech, Tronxy, Kingroon, Tanfour, Weistek, Yidimu & many more. If your printer is not on this list, don’t hesitate to contact our support team or refer to our Printer Settings page.

3D Printing Parameters

To assist you in the calibration process, we have developed the UNICAL™ system, a reliable method to fine-tune your 3D printer when working with new resins.  You can learn this process and download the STL file from our website.

The following parameters exemplify a typical monochrome LCD MSLA (masked stereolithography or LCD/LED) 3D printer employing a 405nm light source.

Download UNICAL™ STL

Other Resin Properties

For optimal storage conditions, storing 3D printing resin in a dark, cool place is recommended, ensuring its longevity. Specifically, when stored correctly, TENSILE™ resin has an impressive shelf life of three years. For comprehensive technical data and additional information, please follow this link to download the PDF. 

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Information

At Monocure 3D, the safety of our Customers is our highest priority. Our new TENSILE™ resin has been designed to comply with the recommended safety standards. It’s crucial to remember that while our resin is formulated to be as safe as possible, caution should still be exercised during use.

Safety Data Sheet PDF

Always operate in a well-ventilated space, away from direct sunlight, and avoid direct skin contact with the resin. It’s always recommended to use gloves and protective eyewear to minimise exposure. In the case of accidental skin contact, wash thoroughly with soap and water. If you’re using our resin in an educational or workplace setting, ensure the usage guidelines are clearly understood and followed. For a comprehensive outline of the safety considerations for TENSILE™ resin, we highly recommend referring to our Safety Data Sheet (SDS), which provides detailed information about the product’s potential hazards, recommended handling procedures, and emergency response measures.


Our Satisfaction Guarantee

At Monocure 3D, we stand firmly behind our product with four decades of manufacturing experience and five years of global delivery of exceptional 3D printing resins. As such, we offer a guarantee for the TENSILE™ 3D printing resin, which covers various potential challenges associated with the product and its delivery.

Consistency in quality is paramount for TENSILE™. Our stringent quality control measures are in place to maintain high standards. If quality issues are detected, we are committed to rectifying them promptly and reassessing our processes as needed.

We’re not content until you are. That’s why we back our products with a Satisfaction Guarantee. With Monocure 3D resins, you’re not just making a purchase; you’re making a promise of industry-leading quality.

Explore our diverse collection of 3D printing resins and feel the Monocure 3D difference first-hand. We’re not just a brand but your partner in creating the best 3D parts and models whenever you 3D print.


For best results after printing, use ResinAway® to remove uncured resin from the part. Place part in a pre-wash bath filled with ResinAway® and use a soft brush to remove excess resin. Follow by placing the component into an ultrasonic cleaner with ResinAway® for 3-5mins to help remove the resin trapped in the finer detail.
Ensure parts are dry by using compressed air or patting gently with a lint-free cloth before post-curing – Warning: leaving excess IPA or ResinAway® on parts might result in surface cracking.
TENSILE™ requires post-curing to reach its optimal mechanical properties. We recommend using a 405nm LED Ultraviolet light to post-cure the model. It is recommended to post-cure for a few minutes, then remove the excess ResinAway by washing with fresh water. Then place it back in the curing chamber for at least 30 mins to improve the tensile strength of the resin. (2 hours will further enhance the mechanical properties. These properties will also increase over a few days).
When exposing a part to external elements, apply paint to the surface to improve longevity. Alternatively, the components can be machined, sanded and polished to create a tough, scratch-resistant surface.