TPU - Flexible – Red (800g)


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As the name implies, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE) are essentially plastics with rubber-like qualities, making them extremely flexible and durable. As such, TPE is commonly used to produce automotive parts, household appliances, and medical supplies.

Use TPU when creating objects that need to take a lot of wear. If your 3D printed part will bend, stretch, or compress, these 3D printer filaments should be up for the task. Example prints might include toys, phone cases, or wearables (like wristbands). TPC can be used for similar applications, but does especially well in harsher environments, like the outdoors.

Pros: Extremely flexible, perfect for parts that bend or compress

Flexible and soft
Excellent vibration dampening
Long shelf life
Good impact resistance

Spool Net Weight:0.8kg
Diameter:1.75mm ± 0.05mm
Print Temperature:190 – 220°C
Hot Bed Temperature:0 – 50°C
Print Speed:20-50mm/s

Additional Information

Weight1.6 kg
Dimensions21 × 7 × 22 cm


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