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Are you tired of smelly IPA and sticky, imperfect finishes on your 3D models? Take the RESINAWAY® challenge— the original and best cleaning solution designed in Australia, made for the world!


🔹Targeted Action: Engineered to precisely target and break down uncured UV resin, ensuring a flawless clean.
🔹Safer & Non-Flammable: A safer alternative to Isopropyl Alcohol, ideal for any workspace.
🔹No Residue: Leaves, no cracks, cloudiness, or white residues, just perfect clarity.
🔹Efficient Cleaning: Ideal for build plates, vats, and instruments, this product offers a quicker, more effective clean.

🔹Unlike Isopropyl Alcohol, RESINAWAY® is formulated to last longer and work faster, making it the smarter choice for serious 3D printing enthusiasts.

Proudly Australian-made, RESINAWAY® embodies superior quality and innovation. Embrace a cleaner, safer, and more effective solution today!

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