If you are new to 3D Printing with Resin, or just need some help, then here is the ultimate troubleshooting guide to solve all your problems! Directly from the resin 3D printing experts at Monocure 3D, you can’t get much better than that!

“We aimed to solve as many of the problems we could by creating these quickly digestible one-minute videos. We wanted to have you up and 3D printing again in no time!”

John Grouse

Monocure 3D Printlab Manager

This troubleshooting guide is a great place to start if you want to hone your skills in 3D printing with resin and improve the quality of your 3D-printed models. We have created the most extensive list of the most common resin 3D printing issues along with the software settings to help solve them. The guide uses HD video from our 3D Printlab with examples of the issues and how to solve them quickly. Let’s get into it…

Your Resin models won’t come off the build plate. 

The resin models seem so stuck on the build plate that it feels like you are going to damage them getting them off. Use this simple method to slide them off like butter!

The resin VAT has sprung a leak due to a hole in the FEP film. 

This can happen easily… It’s usually due to not cleaning out the vat properly after a failed print. Here is a quick tip to fix the problem and get you printing again in no time!

Getting white spots or sticky surfaces on the model after cleaning. 

If you get white spots or the surface feels tacky after post-curing, you might not be cleaning the model correctly. John shares his advanced method with you.

There is surface cracking on your 3D Resin Print.  

The printed resin model develops flaking, and surface cracking after it has been washed and post-cured. Here is how you can avoid it.

When there is hard cured resin on the LCD screen. 

This can happen if you get a hole in the FEP film, you overfill the vat or from an accidental spill. Here is a quick and easy way to remove the hard resin without damaging the LCD screen.

When you have damage to your LCD screen due to cured resin particles in the vat. 

If a model fails and you need to clean the vat to remove unwanted, hard resin, there is no need to empty the vat. This tip will save you heaps of time!