Meet Our Esteemed Ambassadors

Learn from the Experts - Bonus Free STL Models!

Welcome to our Ambassadors page, where you can download Free STL models and innovation meets expertise! At Monocure3D, we are proud to collaborate with a diverse group of talented individuals, our esteemed ambassadors, who excel in their respective fields and share our passion for pushing the boundaries of 3D printing technology.

Each ambassador brings a unique perspective, from professional engineers to creative hobbyists, united by their love for 3D printing. They play a pivotal role in testing our products under real-world conditions, providing valuable feedback that helps us refine and perfect our offerings.

These collaborations enable us to stay at the forefront of 3D printing technology, ensuring we continue delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to our customers.

Join us in celebrating their achievements and contributions to the 3D printing community. Explore their stories, insights, and the remarkable projects they’ve brought to life with Monocure3D’s range of products. (and enjoy the free stl models they have generously given us to gift to you).

free stl models

Ben Southhall

Ben used to be a character artist in the video game industry. Now we are happy to have him as a M3D Ambassador designing 3D printable miniatures and selling them on his website.

free stl models

Calum Andrews

Calum Andrews has offered free stl models that you can download below. If you love his work, check out his other work that can be purchased through our online shop.

free stl models

Chris Bannerman

Chris Bannerman starting 3D printing as a hobby. Now he has over 20 printers running for his 3D print service, CC3D Print providing an essential 3D printing service to the central coast, NSW.

free stl models

Duncan Louca

We are honoured to have the talented 3D artist Mr Duncan Louca as a Monocure3D family member. Duncan's has given us some free STL models for you to download and enjoy!

Paul Braddock

We are thrilled to have Paul as a Monocure3D Ambassador. Paul is a senior modeller in film VFX, he works for an international Visual effects Company.

Simone Rasetti

Meet the skilled sculptor & 3D printing professional Simone Rasetti. We are thrilled to have such amazing talent stand behind our brand and offer some incredible free stl models.

Titan Ross

Titan was a collectable toy dealer importing rare collectable toys. Now a proud M3D ambassador, Titan got into 3D printing so could print and paint his own toys.

Justin Lane

Justin is a creative 3D artist from Queensland with a passion for painting and printing miniatures. He is the founder of ‘Critical Paint’ and a huge Monocure3D fan.

free stl models

Vashner Muhi

Founding ScaleMakina, Vash has been at the forefront of scale miniature car modelling since 2020, showcasing his multifaceted skills. A trained graphic artist, photographer, and videographer.

free stl models

Terry Skrinjar

Founder of the Cosplay Workshop, Terry has spearheaded a revolution in cosplay craftsmanship since his striking debut at Supanova in 2017 with his full-scale Warhammer Space Marine armour.

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Our team will review your application, seeking creativity, expertise, and a keen interest in advancing 3D printing technologies.

Successful candidates will join our dynamic team of ambassadors, gaining access to our latest products, paid affiliate links, and a platform to share their innovative creations through offering free stl models with a global audience.

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