The Monocure 3D Advantage

At Monocure 3D we develop & manufacture all our resins on-site, so we never run out of stock.
We can easily adjust the formulations if you require a custom solution. 







Monocure 3D Rapid Resin is compatible with all LCD/LED 3D Printers.

Our RAPID product range is designed for low powered LED/LCD DLP type 3D printers.

Rapid Resin Compatible Printers

  • Anycubic Photon & Photon S
  • Phrozen Shuffle & XL
  • Creality 3D LD-001 & LD-002R
  • Elegoo Mars
  • Epax
  • Peopoly Phenom
  • Phrozen Shuffle, Sonic Mini & XL
  • Prusa SL1
  • Uniz Slash & Plus
  • Wanhao Duplicator 7 & 8
  • WOW SparkMaker Pro & FHD
  • XAYAV Model V
  • Lotus EZ
  • Kelant Orbeat100
  • Any low powered LED/LCD 3D Printer

Our Standard product range is designed for high powered LED projector type 3D printers.

Standard Resin Compatible Printers

  • MoonRay
  • Peopoly Moai 
  • Asiga UV-Max
  • Phrozen Make
  • B9 Creator
  • Flashforge Hunter
  • XYZ Nobel
  • Kudo Titan
  • Any high powered, bottom up, LED projector 3D Printer.

Our high-quality Standard & RAPID Resin both have a viscosity reading of 300 - 400 CPS and have been successfully tested on a range of SLA & DLP printers.

We have a large range of colours to choose from.

A non-yellowing formula and requires very little post-curing.

Has very low odour & VOC emission.

Enhanced Toughness & Durability at Shore D - 70 (Hard Hat is 80), smooth when cured.

Will curing under UV lights with Wavelengths up to 420nm - SLA UV Laser or LED's & DLP Projector.

Is designed for high-resolution parts and display very low shrinkage properties <0.5%>

Our RAPID RESIN was designed specifically for low powered LED/LCD DLP printers like the Wanhao Duplicator 7, AnyCubic Photon & SparkMaker.

About Our Resins 1

Made from the highest quality materials and draw on 30 years of UV formulation experience.

Please use our Resin Compatibility form
to find out which resin is best suited to your 3D printer.

Or Contact us if you need any more information about our resin.