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Ripley Dynamics will exclusively use Monocure3D resin for all resin 3D print jobs and offer a variety of 3D print technologies. They provide an easy instant quote ordering system and ultra-fast turnaround times.

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3D Printlab Partnership with Ripley Dynamics

We are thrilled to announce that our 3D Printlab service is now officially fulfilled by Ripley Dynamics, an innovative Australian company. Ripley Dynamics will exclusively use Monocure3D resin for all resin 3D print jobs and offer a variety of 3D print technologies. They provide an easy instant quote ordering system and ultra-fast turnaround times. We are proud to partner with Ripley Dynamics to deliver top-quality 3D printing services.

Model Resins

An epoxy-based system that comes in a range of colours. Popular due to its consistent high quality and cost-effectiveness, well suited to all prototyping and model work.

Tuff™ Resins

A unique blend of advanced urethanes specifically designed to produce a 3D printed model that possesses increased tensile strength and long life durability.

Pro Resins

Our growing range of professional-grade resins that have been specifically developed in-house with unique properties to meet the demand of our customers.

Flex Resins

FLEX100™ can be used independently or as an additive by easily mixing it with our other resin systems to create the desired degree of flexibility or firmness.

Tensile Resins

The ultra-high tensile strength resin for various applications as models maintain dimensional stability & structural integrity during the printing process.



Use 3D software to design your model or download a  suitable model that has already been created from a website.


Save your model as an STL, OBJ, STEP or FBX format and upload it via the widget above.


The system will send you an obligation-free INSTANT quote. If you accept it, payment is required to proceed with the job.

3D Print

Your model will get 3D printed, post-processed and quality checked by our 3D Printlab professional technicians.


Your 3D-printed project will be delivered for FREE Australia-wide or available for pick-up at Monocure3D's Sydney Wearhouse or Ripley Dynamics in Brisbane.

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An MSLA (Masked Stereolithography) 3D printer, uses a UV light to cure a liquid photopolymer resin layer by layer that builds up over time.
If fine detail and a smooth surface finish are crucial, then you would want to choose resin printing as your option. We have a number of Monocure 3D resin materials and colours to choose from.

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FDM 3D printers use a strand of solid thermoplastic (filament) that is heated up and melted through a fine nozzle to create objects layer by layer. FDM printing is perfect if you need a model for usable parts or if prototyping when surface finish isn’t that important. Our filament comes in a range of colours and materials to choose from.

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If you are unfamiliar with designing in 3D software, don't worry we can help you. Our skilled 3D model designers can create anything you have in mind. If you wish to replicate an object that you have, we also provide 3D scanning using high-end, professional scanners that are able to duplicate most things with high accuracy, or remodel any existing objects.

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Get in touch with our 3D Technical Professionals and get in-depth paid support. With multiple years of experience with Resin & Filament based 3D printing, our team will be able to help you with your technical issue(s) more in detail. Choose from our available slots and schedule a meeting. Our team will make sure that you get back to printing ASAP.

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Select from a wide range of materials directly supplied by Monocure3D.

We provide print services for prototyping, general, commercial and industrial use.


At the 3D Print Lab, we put in practice the best cleaning and finishing processes, using adapted washing and curing stations.

Need a specific finish or a custom colour? Simply provide a description in your quote request.

What makes us unique? Our 3D PrintLab Technicians & Chemists work closely together and keep on improving the printing and finishing process to achieve the best technical and aesthetic results. We keep on updating our equipment at the 3D PrintLab. Follow us on our Youtube channel to know more about our latest printers.



All Monocure 3D resins are developed and manufactured by our own chemists in Sydney Australia. We offer a wide range of materials to suit nearly every job. These include Rapid-Prototyping, Dental, High-tensile and Flexible resins. In addition to our wide range of materials, we also offer a large colour range too. All our resins are highly accurate so are capable of a high level of detail down to 10um layer heights. We recommend that resin prints use 50um layers as at this height the layer lines are hardly visible by the naked eye. Our cured resin can be easily painted, polished and varnished if further processing is required.

Scanning and 3D Modelling

If you are unfamiliar with designing in 3D software, don’t worry we are happy to help you. Our skilled 3D model designers can create anything you have in mind! Please include in your quote request high-resolution pictures taken at all angles, descriptive text and detailed dimensions for accuracy.
If you wish to replicate an object, we also provide 3D scanning services and are able to duplicate pieces with high accuracy. Simply post or drop off your object at Monocure 3D, Sydney.


Frequently Asked Questions

Images are 2D, not 3D. We need designs in 3D CAD formats. STL is the most preferred format, however, if you do have other formats from CAD Software like Catia, Solidworks, 3DS Max etc, our engineers will be able to convert to STL & 3D Print.

If we discover that the file you have submitted to us is not 100% printable for technical reasons, we will make the necessary corrections using software to detect any errors in the mesh. These will be repaired fix before commencing the print to ensure the model file is optimised for 3D printing.

Yes. We never share your files with anyone. If you have to be 100% sure, we are always happy to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement). If you do not want your model shared on our website or social media feeds, please inform us after your print approval has been given.

  • FDM is the most common form of 3D Printing for practical parts. The large range of material choices means that most models can give you the properties that you require.
  • MSLA is great for intricate parts where fine detail is important. This might include models such as; precision health-care, dental, jewellery, tiny electronic enclosures for example.

In 3D Printing the print time varies exponentially when layer height changes. I.e If an object takes 2 hours at 50 microns, it would take 4 hours at 25 microns. So the time on the printer is increased which causes the cost to go up. When printing in resin 50 microns is preferred by many customers, and when printing with Filament 200 microns is a popular choice.  If surface quality is important, go for 100um. If you’re not sure which material to choose, have a look at the material section on this page to help you decide.



“I wanted to present my 2D artwork in a more substantial representation, the 3D printing offered by Monocure 3D’s PrintLab in Sydney was an interesting solution. A series of 6 small sculptures were sent for scanning and 3D printing in resin. They were perfect reproductions of the originals and the surface was perfect for painting. I highly recommmend the 3D Printlab for the professional results & the outstanding service they provide. “

Tony Scott


“John and the team at Monocure 3D were amazingly helpful, friendly, and not only delivered a high quality product for my son’s project with a very fast turnaround, but they seriously went above and beyond the scope of their service and were very generous with their time, their honest advice and all at a very reasonable price. I can’t thank them enough or recommend them more highly. They genuinely care about their customers. This is the only place to go for all your 3D printing needs.”

Marian Salib
3D PrintLab Customer


“Monocure 3D’s PrintLab is fantastic. It is a great 3D printing service complemented by amazing resin and other products. Charlie, John, Joshua and the team are super helpful. I went from knowing nothing to being able to print relatively complex 3D resin models in no time because of the help and advice from this company. I cannot recommend the 3D Printlab more highly.”

Simon Fieldhouse
Miniature Printer

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