The survey results are in! Thanks to all of you who took the time to fill out our customer survey. It was a massive surprise to us how many of you made an effort to submit it and took the time to give us detailed information.

The data it has provided will be invaluable to us as we strive to provide the best products, service and customer experiences we possibly can.
Sharing the information with us helps us better understand where our focus needs to be moving forward. The most essential part of any business is the customers! Without them, there wouldn’t be a business. So it is no surprise we take your comments, criticism, suggestions & ideas very seriously.

The voice of our customers doesn’t stop with a survey. You are always welcome to drop us a line on the contact form and tell us what you think – good or bad! We feel that the only way we can get better at what we do is by learning from our mistakes and successes. That is why it is so vital you tell us.

Here are some of the highlights (most relevant to you) from the 353 submissions we got.

Which Monocure 3D products have you tried?

Which of these new potential resin products interests you?

Do you use M3D products for personal (hobby) use or professional?



What type of 3D Printer(s) do you own?



What do you mainly 3D Print using our products?

Have you seen or subscribed to our ProTips Channel on YouTube?


Have you ever entered any of our competitions?

If we offered 3D printing courses, which of these would interest you?

Did you know M3D offers a 3D Print Service? Please select the option that describes you best.