Manufacturing &
Quality Control Procedures

It’s Lina here, I’m the Product Manager and Supervise the Quality Control at Monocure HQ. Charlie has asked me to explain to you what’s involved in our Manufacturing & QC process for the 3D resin products.

We take batch-to-batch consistency very seriously when manufacturing all our products. Firstly, every resin batch is made using our own developed formula from what we call a ‘batch card’. Each raw material is weighed and then blended by a high-speed mixer according to the instructions. These rigorous procedures are followed by our production team as outlined in our ISO9001 guidelines.

Once the resin is manufactured, it has to be thoroughly tested by a fully qualified Quality Control Chemist in one of our laboratories. This process involves a series of tests to ensure it meets a set of pre-determined criteria and is an exact match to our retained sample from the last batch created. These tests results are all recorded and kept on file for each batch. If the chemist happens to find an inconsistency with any of the results, for example, the viscosity might be a few CPS low or high, then it is their job to authorise a batch adjustment to the production team. This process is followed until the Chemist on duty and me, the Supervisor is 100% happy with the product, and a full 3D print is completed successfully before it can be ‘passed’.

Once passed, the resin is then filtered through a very fine micron filter during the environmentally controlled filling, capping and labelling line.

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