Monocure3D TENSILE IMPACT Resin – Strength + Impact Resistance for Durable 3D Printing

Monocure3D TENSILE IMPACT Industrial Strength Resin is ideal for 3D printing enthusiasts and professionals who demand strength, durability and precision in their 3D Models.

Key Features:

Exceptional Tensile + Impact Strength: Engineered for projects that demand high strength, our Tensile Resin ensures that your prints withstand stress without compromising their integrity.

High-Resolution Printing: Experience the fine details and sharp clarity in every print. Our resin is designed for precision, making it perfect for intricate models and demanding applications.
Rapid Curing Properties: Our resin is designed for efficiency. Its rapid curing feature reduces print times and increases productivity.
Versatile Compatibility: Compatible with a wide range of UV wavelengths, our resin works seamlessly with most DLP, LCD, and SLA printers, making it a versatile choice for various printing needs. Get your printer settings here.
No Heating Required: Achieves optimal strength and quality without needing heat while printing or post-curing, requiring only a one-hour post-cure at 405nm for exceptional results.
Low Odour and Easy Post-Processing: Enjoy a more comfortable printing experience with minimal odour. Plus, our resin is easy to post-process, offering a hassle-free cleaning and finishing experience.
Proudly Australian Made and Supported: We take pride in our Aussie-made products. Like all our products, our TENSILE IMPACT resin is developed and manufactured in Australia under the highest quality standards. Choosing our resin gives you a superior product supporting Australian innovation and manufacturing. All our products come with comprehensive local support. Our expert team is always ready to assist, ensuring you have the support to bring your visions to life.

Monocure3D TENSILE IMPACT Resin is a commitment to exceptional 3D printing. Our resin ensures your prints are strong, detailed, and impact-resistant, whether for functional parts, prototypes, or intricate models.

Take your 3D printing expertise to the next level with Monocure3D TENSILE IMPACT Resin, where strength and impact resistance meet precision and quality.

Additional information
Resin Size

1L, 5L

At Monocure3D, the safety of our Customers is our highest priority. Our new TENSILE™ resin has been designed to comply with the recommended safety standards. It’s crucial to remember that while our resin is formulated to be as safe as possible, caution should still be exercised during use.

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