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The Special revised Dental edition provides an overview of the basics of 3D printing with resin, along with tips and tricks from experts in the field. It also includes a breakdown of the different types of dental resins and printers and advice for troubleshooting common problems.

This guide can help you get the most out of your dental 3D printing journey. With this guide, lab techs and dentists can quickly and easily get up to speed on the latest technologies and techniques related to 3D printing in dentistry. It also offers advice on how to make the most of the technology. With the help of this guide, anyone can confidently and quickly become an expert in 3D printing for dentistry.

Written By Charlie Anderson & Edited by Greg Baker

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Our Dental Resin Range

Heat Resistant Resin

Monocure 3D is at the forefront of Australia’s Dental 3D Printer Resin industry. We are the local leaders of UV technology with more than 35 years of product development and manufacturing experience. The team at Monocure 3D have been working closely with Dental Labs locally and abroad to develop the ultimate Dental 3D Printer Resin.

All our resins are manufactured in Australia using the highest quality materials, following strict ISO 9001 guidelines. Our QC chemists test every batch as we know how important consistency is. Since we manufacture locally, you can say goodbye to supply chain problems. If you need a hand, let us help you. Get local support when you need it.


STUDY™ Dental 3D Printer Resin was developed to have high dimensional stability, a gypsum-like texture, a unique matte finish, and an opaque colour for general purpose 3D printed dental model processing.

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PRECISE™ has a delicate balance between toughness, hardness and flexibility to optimise it for all processes, including diagnostic, implant & orthodontic models and crown/bridge prototypes.

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THERMO™ Heat Resistant Dental Model Resin is a groundbreaking 3D printing material designed explicitly for thermo-forming orthodontic aligners and mouthguards. Heat Resistant to 120C.

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GUIDE™ – Bio-Compatible Resin is registered for intraoral use by the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) No. 398012. It is Ideal for 3D printing accurate, transparent surgical guides to provide the perfect angle and depth to place implants.

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GINGIVA™ is a semi-flexible, pink photopolymer resin. This dental 3D printer resin is perfect for manufacturing soft tissue and gum-like parts for highly accurate models, bridges and implant superstructures.

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Our premium Monocure 3D FEP Sheets are genuine Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene (FEP) and are specially designed as the release layer to suit most sized 3D Printer Resin vats.

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Monocure 3D PLATEBOND™ is a UV-cured build plate adhesion promoter. It is designed to help Dental 3D printer resin adhere to the build plate. This is compatible with Monocure 3D resin and most other brands.

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RESINAWAY® is chemically engineered to quickly & effectively remove any uncured UV photopolymer resin from the 3D printed model. It is a non-flammable, safer alternative to IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol).

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Since there was some confusion with the PORCELENE resin name, we have decided to change it to PRECISE™. Some of our new customers thought Porcelene, which sounds very similar to Porcelain, meant that the resin was hard but brittle.

Since this is not true, and the material has a hard surface finish, high tensile strength, and good impact resistance without being flexible (certainly NOT brittle), we have followed our standard naming convention of calling products what they are!

PRECISE™ HD dental 3D printer resin is an easy-to-use, high-quality, accurate dental model resin, it’s a popular choice for dental labs due to its mechanical properties.

Our quality control procedures follow the ISO 9001 guidelines to ensure batch-to-batch consistency in every bottle. We call this the set and forget methodology, meaning you only have to dial our resin once. Then it’s as simple as pour and print, giving you more time to focus on what’s important.

“I was looking for a local Dental 3D Printer Resin supplier, and found Charlie at Monocure 3D. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they make an Australian-developed and manufactured Dental Resin that is very price competitive. Their support was amazing, they got my printer up and running on their resin in no time!”

Dr. Isidoro Ferlito
Orchard Dental, Sydney

dental 3d printer resin

"Their support was amazing, they got my printer up and running on their resin in no time!”