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Monocure3D Rapid Model Resin – Precision Meets Efficiency

Seamless Compatibility and High-Speed Performance: The Monocure3D Original Rapid Model Resin forms an integral part of our core range, designed specifically for MSLA printers. Its formulation is optimised for LED arrays, ensuring a fast and efficient curing process. Expect layer durations of 1.5-3 seconds when used with a standard monochrome LCD printer (MSLA), making it an ultra-fast solution for your 3D printing needs.

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Monocure3D Rapid Model Resin – Easy-to-print, Consistent & low odour! 

Wide Compatibility and High-Speed Performance: The Monocure3D Original Rapid MODEL Resin forms an integral part of our core range, designed specifically for MSLA printers. Its formulation is optimised for LED arrays, ensuring a fast and efficient curing process. Expect layer durations of a mere 1.5-3 seconds when used with a standard monochrome LCD printer (MSLA), making it an ultra-fast solution for your 3D printing needs.

Robust and Refined: Unlike typical resins that sacrifice durability for detail, our unique, epoxy-based resin strikes the perfect balance. It constructs models with a sturdy, smooth surface finish, perfect for painting. This resin is not just about speed; it’s about delivering precision and consistent results.

User-Friendly Application: We believe in keeping things simple. A quick bottle shake is all it takes to prepare the Rapid MODEL resin. It’s formulated for low odour and hassle-free printing – no pre-heating required. Just pour, print, and watch your designs come to life with remarkable ease without those annoying print failures!

Vibrant Palette, Vivid Creations: Step beyond the monochrome. Our Rapid Model Resin is available in an extensive array of colours, including transparent Blue, Gunmetal Grey, White, Black and Clear, allowing your models to pop!  Whether for hobby models or prototypes, the vibrant colours add a dynamic dimension to your creations.

Tuning to Perfection: We recommend visiting our printer settings page to achieve optimal results. Here, you’ll find comprehensive guidance on fine-tuning your printer for use with our resin, ensuring you get the best out of every print. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us through our support page or sign up to our Facebook Users Group to get instant help from other friendly customers.

Proudly Australian Made & Supported: All our resins are expertly developed and manufactured in Australia, embodying our commitment to high quality, constancy and trust. Our experienced chemists ensure each product meets rigorous standards. Plus, with our 100% Money-back guarantee, you have the confidence to buy, try, and return if you are not completely satisfied. Experience the Monocure3D difference with every purchase.

Technical Specifications

  • Resin Type: Epoxy Resin
  • Viscosity: Medium
  • Curing Wavelength: 405nm UV LED
  • Post-Cure Time: 30 minutes
  • Tensile Strength: Moderate
  • Shore D Hardness: 89
  • Odour: Low
  • Layer Height: 10-300 microns

Key Features

  • Fast curing time: Rapid model resin cures in seconds at 405nm UV light, making it one of the fastest-curing resins on the market. This means you can print models and parts quickly and easily.

  • High accuracy: Rapid model resin is known for its ability to print highly detailed models. This is due to its low viscosity and excellent flow properties, allowing it to capture fine details and produce smooth surfaces.

  • Easy to use: Rapid model resin is easy to use and requires no special equipment or training. It is compatible with most 3D printers and can be printed with multiple settings.

  • Low odour: Rapid model resin has a low odour, making it suitable for use in home and office environments.


  • Prototypes
  • Hobby Models
  • Art & Design
  • Temporary models
  • Educational Purposes

Every layer printed with our Rapid MODEL Resin boasts impeccable detail. The high-resolution capabilities of this epoxy-based resin mean intricate designs are captured with precision without any loss of strength or durability.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional, our Rapid MODEL Resin is designed to make your 3D printing projects fast, easy and fun. It’s more than just another resin; it’s a commitment to Australian-made quality, efficiency, and creativity.


Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Tom Kieronski
Great product and fast delivery

love the innovative resins for 3D printing from Monocure3D. They always provide great service coupled with great products and fast deliveries.

Super Resin

Gone through many litres of Grey Rapid Resin - love this stuff and would recommend to anyone.

Matthew Carter

I've used a few 500ml bottles and been impressed with the finish. Just ordered 5 litres and I have been amazed by this companies customer service. I received the order 22 hours after ordering, that's cross-Tasman! They also sent me 1 litre of a second colour as a freebie, some stickers and a couple of TimTams! Seriously impressive, thank you so much.


If you hesitate,
I want to reassure you it's an excellent resin with very good details and fast. it is almost odorless and it is really comfortable.
Go there without fear.
Good print to you.



works really well so much nicer to use in comparison to other resins i've used.

Additional information
Weight 1 kg
Resin Size

1L, 5L

Resin Colour

Black, Blue, Clear, Grey, Gunmetal Grey, White

Your Safety, Our Priority at Monocure3D

At Monocure3D, we place the utmost importance on the safety and well-being of our customers. Rest assured, every material we produce, proudly made in Australia, is designed to adhere to the highest safety standards in the industry. While we have formulated our resins to maximise safety, we strongly advise exercising caution during use. To ensure you have all the necessary information for safe handling, please follow the link below to download the Safety Data Sheet. These SDS’s are tailored according to the safety regulations of your specific country, ensuring you receive the most relevant and accurate safety guidelines.

Safety Data Sheets

Prototyping | Miniatures | Display models | Architecture models | Hobby models


rapid model resins

Incredible Detail
A unique, epoxy-based resin prints at high detail 3d printing resin without brittleness.

Easy to Use
Give the bottle a shake, and the Rapid Model resin is ready to pour and print. No heating required.

Ultra Fast
Rapid Model Resins can print fast on all MSLA 3D printers, with 2 -3 second normal layers on most Monochrome 3D printers.

Huge Colour Range
Need some colour? Don’t print in just black and white. Available in various deep solid colours to make your models stand out.

About Rapid Model Resins

Monocure 3D Rapid Model Resins were initially developed with MSLA printers that use LED arrays to cure the resin. The unique, epoxy-based system creates models that process a hard surface finish without the brittleness you would expect.

This resin is easy to use; give the bottle a quick shake, then pour and print! The typical normal layer durations for an MSLA printer are approx. 2-3 seconds in a printer with a monochrome LCD Screen.

Our Rapid Resins should be post-cured for at least 20-30mins after cleaning. This ensures that the model will not crack or split over time. Please check our printer settings page for all the information to help you dial in your printer with our resin.

rapid model resins


One of the most fundamental material properties is tensile strength, a material’s resistance to breaking under tension.

Young's Modulus

Resistance of a material to stretch under tension (stiffness).


Resistance of a material to breaking when stretched.

Flexural Stress (MPa)

Resistance of a material to breaking when bent.

Shore D Harness

Shore D Hardness is a standardised test consisting in measuring the depth of penetration of a specific indenter.


Ensure the resin is mixed well by shaking the bottle before every use.

Always ‘dial in’ your Printer using our Calibration Models.


For best results, clean Models with our ResinAway® solution.

dental model resin

To reduce the yellowing, try to Post-Cure using 405nm UV only.

Monocure 3D ProTips

Rapid model resins are versatile as they can be printed between 5 and 100-micron layer heights. To achieve the best results, 3D models should always be sliced solid, if hollowing is required, ensure drain holes are included to remove any trapped resin.

Always angle the model on the build plate to avoid large flat areas that might cause printing problems. These include warping and deformation due to the adhesion to the FEP film. To assist with unsupported areas, ensure you use dense, well-positioned, solid supports.

This resin might print faster than other resins on the market, please adjust your settings accordingly. Use a calibration model from our website to dial in your printer with our resin.

Check our printer setting page to see if we have your printer listed to give you a good starting point.


Method Code: ASTM D638-14

Product: Monocure 3D RAPID Model Resins (25μm)

Acceptance Code: Supply Findings

Specimen Type: Retangular beam samples (Type IV)

Equip’ Serial No: UTM Serial No. 075

Conditioning: Tested at ambient temperature


3DR-3582C, 3DR-3588GY, 3DR-3587BK, 3DR-3583W, 3DR-3585B, 3DR-3585GM

Cross-Sectional Area (mm2)


Max Force (kN)


Tensile Strength (MPa)


Elongation at Break


Young’s Modulus (GPa)


Flexural Band Span (mm)


Max Load Applied (N)


Flexural Stress (MPa)


Max Flex Strain (mm/mm)


Shore Hardness (D) 


Heat Deflection Temp

55°C @ 0.45MPa


  • For best results after printing, use ResinAway® for removing uncured resin from the part. Place part in a pre-wash bath filled with ResinAway® and use a soft brush to remove excess resin. Follow by placing the component into an ultrasonic cleaner with ResinAway® for 3-5mins to help remove the resin trapped in the finer detail.
  • Ensure parts are dry by using compressed air or patting gently with a lint-free cloth before post-curing – Warning: leaving excess IPA or ResinAway® on parts might result in surface cracking.
  • We recommend using a 405nm LED Ultraviolet light to post-cure the model. It is recommended to post-cure for a few minutes, then remove the excess ResinAway® by washing with fresh water. Then place it back in the curing chamber for at least 30 mins to improve the tensile strength of the resin.
  • When exposing a part to external elements, apply paint to the surface to improve longevity. Alternatively, the components can be machined, sanded and polished to create a tough scratch resistant surface.



3DR-3582C, 3DR-3588GY, 3DR-3587BK, 3DR-3583W, 3DR-3585B, 3DR-3585GM


Clear (100% trans) Grey (5% trans), Black (10% trans), White (0% trans), Blue (10% trans), Gun Metal (0% trans)


500 – 600cps @ 25°C (Brookfield RVT)


Negligible Characteristics

Shelf Life

36 months

Active Solids


UV Cure

225nm to 420nm

Cure Speed

2-3 secs Mono Screen


Dark cool & dry place

Wash Up