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Welcome Simone

Introducing our first Monocure 3D ambassador, the highly skilled designer, sculptor & 3D printing professional – Mr Simone Rasetti. As you can imagine, we are thrilled to have such amazing talent stand behind our resin and join our family.


About the Artist

Simone is an artist from Abruzzo, Italy, he started his adventure when graduating in Visual Arts and Performing Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts in L’Aquila.

He then moved into the world of three-dimensional graphics while studying at the Chair of Sculpture, in 2000. He trained himself with 3D software with the help of online tutorials.

Not being completely satisfied with the rendering process of 3D printing, Simone felt the need to make his ideas solid. To achieve this, he discovered the method of combining digital and classical techniques together.

Currently, thanks to modelling software and 3D printing, he works as a digital sculptor and prototype designer for different companies and artists. Simone creates complex projects from the initial planning to the final rendering. He finishes his 3D models by hand with different materials and professional tools.

Simone is also an experienced sculptor and cultural heritage restorer. One of his most memorable projects was the redevelopment and reconstruction of the ornamental statues of the Temple of Isis (Pompeii).

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