Last Update: 10/06/23

Customs Problems, New TDS and links!

Hello, Influencers! Hopefully, your Promo Pack has arrived this week. I know some of them got held by customs, but Nikki, who runs our warehouse, has been sorting out the issue with DHL. If you haven’t got your pack yet or are still getting emails from DHL, please let Nikki know so she can help. Her email is nicola@monocure3d.com.au. Just so you know, we have a Public Holiday here on Monday, so she will chase up Tuesday (AEST) if you message her.

I will include some import links below that you can use in our promotions. Please include an unboxing video and/or pics when the pack arrives! Also, I have updated the TDS. You can download the latest version below.

Thanks again for your help with promoting this truly amazing new product!

Please push your followers to our Kickstarter Sign-Up page, where they will get the latest updates and information.

TENSILE™ – Kickstarter Sign-up link. 



Important links & hashtags #

TENSILE™ – Kickstarter Sign-Up Link

This is where you send people until the Kickstarter Campaign is live.

TENSILE™ – Influencer Updates 

Keep up-to-date with the latest news and information from Charlie and the M3D team.


Here are a few suggestions that could amplify your posts’ reach and increase the engagement rates of your content about TENSILE™.

As you may already know, hashtags are significant in social media algorithms. They function as a powerful tool to connect with communities sharing similar interests, facilitate content discovery, and increase the visibility of our brand.

My list resonates well within the 3D printing community, particularly around resin-based technologies. You are encouraged to incorporate these hashtags into your social media posts where relevant:

  1. #Monocure3D
  2. #M3DTensile
  3. #TensileKickstarter
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Social Media Adverts

Here is a download link to our OneDrive folder, where we will add social media content for our advertising. Please feel free to post them on your channels. Remember to include the KickStarter Sign-Up link and hashtags.

Important Dates to Remember

Now, to help you organise your schedule, we’ve put together a timeline of the key dates associated with our launch:

8th June 2023: Your TENSILE™ Promo Pack arrives (we hope!)

16th June 2023: Video, Photo Tease Material First trials and personal experience with TENSILE™. We’d love to hear your initial thoughts. Please send us what you have so far.

26th June 2023: Public release of first impressions, reviews, or unboxing videos of TENSILE™. START POSTING NOW!

11th July 2023*: TENSILE to Launch on Kickstarter – All hands on deck for this one!

Please mark these dates in your calendar. I would greatly appreciate your support in following this schedule as we aim for a coordinated worldwide launch.

Remember, your creativity is the limit! We’re excited to see how you’ll put TENSILE™ to the test. We know your unique perspective and influence will make a massive impact, and we’re here to support you in any way possible. Don’t just focus on the strength. Include printability, surface finish, post-processing, etc.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We value your partnership and are committed to making this collaboration a success.

Thank you again for participating in this exciting journey with us. We look forward to seeing TENSILE™ change the 3D printing world, and we couldn’t be happier to have you onboard!

Contact Us.

What's in the PROMO PACK?

Here’s a quick rundown of what you’ll find in your Promo Pack:

  1. TENSILE™ Industrial Strength 3D Printer Resin: Our pride and joy! We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts on its performance. Make sure you Dial it in on your printer. I have been printing it at 3 seconds per layer on my Anycubic Mono X. This ensures the best green strength and ultimate cured tensile strength once post-cured. (Here is a link to some more TENSILE™ Printing Tips.)
  2. TENSILE™ Sticker – Please feel free to include this in any photos or videos you create.
  3. M3D Cap – A gift for you or a friend!
  4. Eat Sleep, 3D Print T-Shirt – As above! Feel free to wear it on your video!
  5. A3 Pull-Up Banner – Please use this for videos and photos. It could be good on the bench or in the background of your creations.
  6. TimTams – An Aussie Cookie (or biscuit as we call them here). These are for your consumption! I hope it’s not too hot in your part of the world as they might have melted – Pop them in the fridge for a few minutes!
  7. RESINAWAY® EZY-Wipes – The newest batch of our favourite EZY wipes arrived just in time to pop in your Packs! These are great for wiping down surfaces, tools, and anything sticky! (actually, there is a book coming soon…the 101 uses for RESINAWAY Ezy-Wipes! haha)
  8. STL TENSILE™ bottle stand – A Downloadable, Printable STL file for you! Feel free to print, paint, and include it in your promotional material.
  9. STL TENSILE™ Modular Tool Set – These are seriously cool, a 3D Printable modular toolset for our products. These don’t need support. Just print them the same way as they land on the build plate. Includes a funnel, boxes, tool rack, hammer, VATMATE™, bottle supports, CMYK bottle holders and lots more!

Promotional Materials: To aid your reviews and shares, we’ve included some branded swag and informational brochures about TENSILE™.

Promotional Material

Prototyping | Components | Automotive | Aviation | Medical Devices | Robotics | Construction | Defence

TENSILE™ - It's Seriously Strong!

TENSILE™ is a high-strength, low-flex, rugged resin ideal for various applications. This industrial engineering polymer with an excellent surface finish, prints with ultra-high accuracy of 32K and low failures. TENSILE™ displays impressive green strengths allowing it to print accurately, and has extreme tensile strengths after post-curing.

Tensile Resin
MONOCURE 3D’s TENSILE™ resin is for those who intend to 3D print models that want to remain rigid and stiff while printing yet withstand stress and strain once post-cured. The material can be machined, painted, sanded or polished if further finishing is required.
We recommend positioning the model at a tilt between 30-45°, a position found to aid in better separation from the curing interface. TENSILE™  allows parts to be printed hollow and solid, with only medium supports required.
To eliminate the ‘elephant’s foot’ phenomenon at the model’s base from the longer curing to help the resin adhesion onto the build-plate. We recommend taking advantage of base layer compensatory settings now available on most slicing software.
Post-curing a 3D-printed part is a procedure to gain maximum strength and durability. For example, when using a 40-50 watt 405nm curing unit. It is advisable to the post-cure (without heat) for a minimum of 30mins or extend up to 1-2 hours (s) to reach maximum tensile properties.
To ensure proper cleaning of the model, we recommend the use of RESINAWAY®. A Good cleaning procedure is critical when the model has been hollowed out, as it guarantees the effective removal of any trapped residual resin.
Download TDS


Using a calibration model efficiently adjusts a 3D resin printer to work seamlessly with our TENSILE™ resin. Proper dialling-in ensures the harmonious operation between the printer and resin, yielding models of exceptional precision.
TENSILE™ has impressive green strength, which cures hard while printing without causing dimensional inaccuracies by over-curing. This results in fewer print failures, less dense support structures and more minor contact points required. Thus uses less resin and simplifies post-processing.
The following example settings are with consideration for monochrome LCD MSLA 3D printers employing a 405nm light source. For more information about all our materials and most popular 3D printer models, please refer to the official settings page at: https://monocure3d.com.au/printers/
Shake the resin bottle well before each use
Temperature: 18°C to 35°C
Layer Thickness: 50μm
Base layer Duration: 30-50 (sec)
No. Base Layers: 4
Normal Layer Exposure: 3-5(sec)
For optimal post-printing results, use ResinAway® to remove the uncured resin. With enhanced cleaning, non-flammable properties, and a pleasant scent, follow the guidelines for the best finish on 3D models.
STEP 1. Pre-Wash with ResinAway® use a soft brush: 5mins
STEP 2. Ultrasonic cleaner with ResinAway®: 10mins
STEP 3. Dry models:  Compressed air 20secs
TENSILE™ resin requires post-curing to reach its optimal mechanical properties.
STEP 3. UV Light Source: 405nm LED Ultraviolet light.
STEP 4. Minimum Post-Curing Duration (40-50w): 5mins
STEP 5. Remove the excess ResinAway® by washing it with fresh water.
STEP 6. Place the model in the curing chamber for a minimum of 30 minutes to enhance the material’s tensile strength, which is crucial for industrial applications.
To ensure optimal performance and shelf life of Monocure 3D resins, store them in a cool (10-30C), dark environment, tightly sealed in their original containers, away from heat, direct sunlight, and moisture, while also taking care to prevent the resins from freezing.