MessMatt – Silicone Protection Matt


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Introducing MessMatt—the ultimate solution to maintaining a clean and efficient workspace. Specially designed for your 3D printing environment, MessMatt is both functional and stylish. Available in two sizes, Regular and Mega, it fits seamlessly into various workspace setups.
  1. Resistant to All Messes: Cured or uncured resin, MessMatt’s heavy-duty silicone material can withstand serious mess!
  2. High Sidewalls: Designed with elevated sidewalls to catch spills, the MessMatt can hold up to one litre of spilled resin, preventing further mess and potential damage.
  3. Easily Cleanable: Spilled resin can be easily cured by placing the mat outside and then peeling off. For uncured resin, we recommend ResinAway EZY-WIPES.
  4. Multi-Purpose Use: Perfect for placement under printers, ultrasonic cleaners, and post-curing units, MessMatt is your go-to for mess prevention.
  5. Two Convenient Sizes: Choose Regular (300x480mm) or Mega (400x600mm) to suit your workspace needs.
  6. Easy Storage: MessMatt can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use, saving you valuable workspace.
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