We’ve seen glimpses of a future for Anycubic’s machines in recent releases, but they’ve mostly felt half-baked – uninspired also-rans that painted the picture from a palette of beige.

The Photon Mono M5s, however, throws a lot of color at the wall with a 12K LCD pushing resolution, an uptick in print speed, Wi-Fi and cloud connectivity that doesn’t suck, plus plate-based print failure and resin level detection. And you know what? A lot of it sticks.

You can see the benefits of these features every time you use the M5s, most notably in its quick print speed. It’s not all perfect, though – some things are a little more smoke and mirrors than genuine innovation – but there are honest improvements that make the M5s one of the better resin printing experiences going today.

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Photon Mono M5s Printer Specifications

Operation : 4.3″ TFT touch-control Contrast ratio: 480:1
Software : ANYCUBIC Photon workshop Printing Speed: With high speed resin – 105mm/hr. or 4.13 in./hr
With general resin – 70mm/hr. or 2.76 in./hr
Connectivity: Wi-Fi (slicer, app), USB Rated Power: 100W
Technology: 10.1″ monochrome Machine size: 18.11×10.63×11.41in
Light-source: LED matrix UV light source Print size: 7.87×8.58×4.84in
XY Res.: 12K(11,520 x 5,120px) Material: 405nm UV Resin
Z Axis Res.: Double liners with 10 μm Net Weight: 19.6lb./8.9kg

Photon Mono M5s Settings

Try our UNICAL™ Calibration Model

If you’re trying Monocure 3D Resin for the first time or have just got a new printer, you’ll need to tweak your slicer settings to ensure perfect synergy between our resin and your printer. The most efficient way to achieve this is by using a Calibration Model. These small, intricate models are quick to print. To calibrate your printer using the UNICAL™ Download the STL model here and for step-by-step instructions on how to use the UNICAL™ head to our 3D Calibration Model Page.