“Time to get your party poppers out, because it’s Creality’s seventh birthday and to celebrate, it’s launched another resin 3D printer – the Halot Sky. This printer actually is a sign of things to come, because it marks the birth of a new series of resin printers that will carry the “Halot” prefix.

Creality is catching on to the recent drift in the consumer resin 3D printing market, which is, essentially, going big. With more and more people discovering the potential of resin printing and its accuracy, in particular, a demand for larger versions of the puny forefathers soon emerged. Creality isn’t the first to come forth with a large resin printer, but it didn’t stop at just going big.”

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Printer Specifications

Modeling Technology: LCD Package Size: 450x390x705mm
Print Size: 192x120x200mm Machine Weight: 19.5
Print Speed: 1-4s/layer Layer Height: 10 microns
Screen: 5-inch touch screen XY axis Precision: 0.051mm
Machine Size: 340x390x552mm Materials: 405UV Resin

Printer Settings