“In addition to the almost necessary ease of an FEP film vat, the Phrozen Shuffle boasts Phrozen’s proprietary ParaLED optical engine. Essentially an LED matrix that matches the 2K screen’s 5.5-inch size, the ParaLED is optimized to emit its light as close to parallel as possible. This should translate to neater prints, faster.

In our short time with it, the Phrozen Shuffle has us hopping with glee at the print quality (a move we shall now refer to as the Shuffle shuffle), and mulling the missed opportunities.”

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Printer Specifications

XY Resolution (13.3″): 75µm
XY Resolution (Dual 5.5″): 47µm
Print Speed: Fast: 20mm/hour
Printer Weight 21.5kg
Printer Size: L12.9 x W11.4 x H18.5in
Print Volume: 7.4 x 4.7 x 7.8in

Printer Settings