The CGR Mini is the latest resin printer connected to the Wanhao family. It is a 405nm printer with a 6,8″ monochrome LCD display. Perfect for when you don’t need to print large sizes and want to focus on small high-quality models.
The exposure time was reduced to 1.5 seconds. This means that the life of the screen is much longer. Now you can use up to 2000 hours – this is more than 4 times longer than a regular color LCD screen.
The black and white display is about 3 times faster than a conventional color LCD and consumes less power.
With a transparent cover that blocks 99.95% of ultraviolet rays, you can still enjoy watching the print form.
The print volume of the CGR Mini is 130 x 82 x 200 mm, which is more than enough for most users.
One of the most popular cutters is included. The software is easy to use and will help you create amazing prints.

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CGR Mini Specifications

Third-Party Materials: Yes Printing speed: 50mm/hr
Z Hight: Z 0.010mm(10um)
Slicer Software: CHITUBOX Accuracy: X 0.051mm(51um)
Y 0.051mm(51um)
Power Requirements: 110 V / 250 V, 4 A (50/60 Hz), DC: 24 V
Technology: DLP (Digital Light Processing) LCD Printer Dimensions: 340*370*520mm
Lightsource:  (wavelength 405nm) Build Volume: 130.56*82.62*200mm
Panel : 2K 6.08inch MONO Weight: 12kg

CGR MINI Settings

Try our UNICAL™ Calibration Model

If you’re trying Monocure 3D Resin for the first time or have just got a new printer, you’ll need to tweak your slicer settings to ensure perfect synergy between our resin and your printer. The most efficient way to achieve this is by using a Calibration Model. These small, intricate models are quick to print. To calibrate your printer using the UNICAL™ Download the STL model here and for step-by-step instructions on how to use the UNICAL™ head to our 3D Calibration Model Page.