“The stereolithography apparatus (SLA) 3D printer kit is no new thing. Autodesk tried to pioneer an open SLA platform with its Ember. They soon dropped it (but its memory lives on in the open source ether).

For those with the engineering savvy, there are countless options for DIYing an SLA printer from scratch. But for the average consumer without the technological know-how, this technology is prohibitively out of reach. You could buy plug-and-play, but these SLA 3D printers often far exceed the price point of high-end desktop FDM machines.”

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Printer Specifications

Build Volume: 130 x 130 x 180 mm
Laser: 70 micron laser spot
Technology: SLA 3D Printing
Software: Cura
Curing: UV LED is included for post curing
Resolution: 5 micron layer
Settings: Full access to laser exposure settings

Printer Settings

Compatible Products