“The company, whose name is derived from the slogan polymers for the people, began in 2017 with the release of its first SLA printer, the Moai on Kickstarter. Since then, it’s switched from SLA technology to MSLA.

A lot of Peopoly’s marketing for the Noir focuses on direct comparisons between it and Formlabs’ Form 3, claiming their printer is both five times faster and larger. It’s no question the Noir will be fast – it’s supposed to be 80 to 100% faster than the original Phenom – and big, but will it be worth it?

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Printer Specifications

Software: Chitubox
Print volume: 293.76 × 165.25 x 400mm
Resolution: 77 um
Technology: MSLA 3D Printing
Vat Volume: 2.5 kg