“The Epax X1 UV LCD Resin printer is built by Epax 3D and is designed to avoid a lot of flaws in other sub-$1,000 resin 3D printers. It comes ready to print right out of the box (so long as you remember to also order resin separately) and boasts a host of features and an impressive printing ability.

The X1 is one of two resin 3D printer options produced by Epax 3D, the second of which is designed for the dental industry. The company also makes a variety of resins, including a dental castable one, a jewelry castable one, a bio-resin and a hard resin.”

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Printer Specifications

Models: E6, X1, X156, X10  w/ UV LCD screen
Technology: LCD 405 nm
Z Resolution: 10 micron

Printer Settings